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Technical Advantages
  • 1000000machines monitored
  • 80000algorithm models
  • 300ns acquisition
  • 30mindeployment
  • 60%Potential safety hazards: down 60%
  • 80%Unexpected shutdown rate: down 80%
  • 100%Omission rate: down 100%
  • 30%Manpower: down 30%
Steady Return
  • 1.5

    Intelligent operation & maintenance investment: Payback period: 1.5 years

  • 30%Part and accessory inventories: down 30%
  • 30%Maintenance cost: down 30%
  • 15%Energy consumption: down 15%
  • 700+


  • 1,000,000+

    machines monitored

  • 100,00+

    failures fixed

Explore Data Value for Wiser Decisions

  • Ferrous Metallurgy
  • Petroleum and Petrochemical
  • Coal and Coal Chemical
  • Energy and Electric Power
  • Cement
Ferrous Metallurgy

Manufacturing machines in the steel industry feature wide varieties, complex technologies, and difficult overhaul and maintenance. The big data cloud platform for intelligent operation and maintenance introduces advanced management concepts, modes and methodologies, integrating routine inspection, precision diagnosis, machine condition monitoring and deterioration analysis that combine to facilitate intelligent machine management.

Petroleum and Petrochemical

Mechanical failures, wrong operation and process malfunctions are several main causes of production accidents and economic losses for petroleum and chemical producers. The big data cloud platform for intelligent operation and maintenance can automate 90% of data processing based on big data analysis and AI diagnosis. It accurately evaluates operation conditions for machines such as compressor units, pump sets and fans, and issues real-time alarms. Featuring data-driven decisions, the platform boosts operational and decision efficiency, avoids insufficient or excessive maintenance, and reduces machine failures to ensure operation safety.

Coal and Coal Chemical

The big data cloud platform for intelligent operation and maintenance monitors both operators and machines such as mining devices underground, main and auxiliary belt conveyors, main and secondary shaft hoists, and ventilation and drain facilities. It collects operation data, issues warnings, explores the causes and locations of failures based on trend charts and spectra, and generates failure diagnoses that are then distributed as work orders, thus ensuring stable operation and boosting economic benefits.

Energy and Electric Power

Machines in large power plants include main and auxiliary units and control systems. Such machines are usually complicatedly structured with many parts that incur high overhaul cost. Inspection personnel play a central role during machine operation, inspection and overhaul. The big data cloud platform for intelligent operation and maintenance standardizes and streamlines data acquisition, enables real-time diagnosis, and presents the best solutions to machine failures (cloud, management and terminal) to ensure safe and stable machine operation.


There are a wide variety of cement making facilities, such as coal mills, cement mills, rotary kilns, roller presses, kiln tail fans, bucket elevators and inclined zippers, with complex structures and different features. Machine maintenance, while ensuring safety and reliability, is highly costly. Thus, saving overhaul cost and reducing inventory of spare parts are important for cement producers to reduce operating expenditures.


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